As we currently cannot accept returns, we highly reccommend you follow our steps for finding the perfect size for you

Step 1 - Check the sizing chart

This contains information on sleeve, chest and body lengths

Step 2 - Compare to your clothes

Select a clothing item from your wardrobe that is similar to the one you are planning to buy. Then use a ruler/measuring tape to measure the key areas (e.g. chest) and compare those to our sizing chart.

Step 3 - Choose your look

You can take it from here. It you want an oversized look, I suggest going for one or two sizes up.

Restorick Light Tee

Coastal Comfort Hoodie

Restorick Heavy Tee

Restorick Oversized Tee / Restorick Signature Tee

I want to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. By providing detailed sizing information, along with the steps to check our sizing chart and compare measurements, I ensure you can make an informed decision. Taking these steps allows you to shop with confidence, reducing the chances of ordering the wrong size.